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Omkareshwara is the Lord of Omkara or the sound ‘Om’ (), is one of the form of Lord Shiva. Being the prime deity of the temple, Omkareshwara is found in the main garbagraha, next to ganesha.

Once when Brahma, the creator of all living beings visited mount Kailash he disrespected Lord Muruga. Because of this incident Lord Muruga got angry and asked Brahma how he was creating creatures like humans, animals, plants and so. Brahma replied that he is creating them by reciting slogans with the holy word ‘Om’ (). Muruga asked Brahma to tell him the meaning of Om. But Brahma couldn’t tell as he did not know its meaning. Lord Muruga imprisoned Brahma and took over the control of creation. The devas of the celestial world rushed to Lord Vishnu, and requested him to negotiate with Lord Muruga in order to release Lord Brahma but unfortunately, this attempt was not successful. As a final resort, they visited Lord Shiva, father of Muruga and complained about the action of Muruga. Lord Shiva asked Muruga to release Brahma but he refused by telling that Lord Brahma was not suitable to do the work as he did not know the meaning of Pranav Mantra ‘Om’ (). So Lord Shiva asked Lord Muruga whether he himself knew the meaning, and asked him to tell the meaning to him, for he too wished to know it’s meaning. Muruga replied that he would tell him only if Lord Shiva approached him as a disciple. Lord Shiva having no ego, willingly gave full respect to Lord Muruga and Lord Muruga extolled the meaning of ‘Om’ () in Lord Shiva’s ears while sitting in his lap.

This scene is beautifully portrayed in the form of a statue in the main garbagraha guarded by the mythological Bringi and Nandhi.


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