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Omkareshwara Temple



The Idol of Valampuri Vinayaka is enshrined inside the first Garbhagraha. And on the four sides of the Sikhara are the 32 idols of the lord Ganesha in his 32 forms according to the Hindu Mythology. Each idols of Ganesha depicts the various avatars of lord Ganesha and the way they have been portrayed makes the on-lookers dwell in the greatness of the Indian culture.

Following the Valampuri Vinayaka, the Idol of Lord Omkareshwara is enshrined inside the next Garbhagraha. The Omkareshwara here is guarded by the mythological Bringi and Nandhi. Located besides the Omkareshwara temple are the Saptamatrikas who have been accompanied by the divine goddess of nourishment, Matha Annapoorna and the goddess of prosperity, Matha Mahalakshmi. The Saptamatrikas assume paramount significance in the goddess oriented sect of Hinduism and they are described as assisting the great Shakthi devi in her fight with the demons. They are also connected with the worship of Lord Skanda, warrior god.

The glory of this temple further reaches high with the unique design of the enshrinement of the Navagrahas. The shrines of the Navagrahas stand adjacent to the Omkareshwara temple. The enshrinement of each member of the Navagrahas in the Omkareshwara temple is unique from all the other navagrahas all over the Hindu temples located in and around India where they are all located under the same Sikhara, whereas here they are located under different Sikharas meant for each of them.

The Silasashans from the temples around have been brought to this temple in order to empower the very spiritual power bestowed in them.


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